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Performance Evaluations

Latest update: December 21, 2020

Performance Evaluation 2017 - 2019 PDF - Released December 2020

Performance Evaluation 2014 - 2016 PDF - Released May 2017

Performance Evaluation 2011 - 2013 PDF - Released September 2014

Performance Evaluation 2008 - 2010 PDF - Released June 2011


EIA submits this report in accordance with the Office of Management and Budget’s Statistical Policy Directive Number 3, which requires each agency that issues a PFEI to report every three years on its performance. OMB Directive Number 3 requires that this performance evaluation address the “accuracy and reliability of the series, the effects of revisions, and performance relative of established benchmarks” as well as other standards for documentation, promptness in releasing estimates, and avoidance of premature disclosure.